Howes Cushing Circus

Picture from Circus World Library Archive in Baraboo Wisconsin taken by Mark W Howes Sept 2012

Howes and Cushing's United States Circus was formed in 1875 after the circus returned from England


Reprint of item in August 2002 Howes Family Association Newsletter: Submitted by Alice Schneckenburger, Sherman, Conn. Black Eagle was mentioned in Joanne Howes'­ "The Howes Circus Story"­ which has recently been reprinted.

Copied from June 12, 1858 issue of "The Illustrated London News" with illustration of the American horse, 'Black Eagle'

"The Alhambra, Leicester Square, has proved so successful since Messrs. Howes and Cushing have converted it into the 'GREAT UNITED STATES'CIRCUS' that it will probably retain for along time its present form. Chief among the renowned four­footed performers in this circus is the American trick­horse Black Eagle; and this fine specimen of equine race fully justifies its title of "THE HORSE OF BEAUTY". He is fifteen hands and a half high, and seven years old. His Sire is Black Hawk, the celebrated American Trotter. Black Eagle, among his many accomplishments, waltzs. polkas, imitates the camel of the desert, and stands erect upon his hind legs; indeed, his various performances, under the direction of M. John H. Murray, are marvellous for their dexterity and grace. At a private performance recently given at the Howes and Cushing's Circus, and which was honoured by the presence of Royalty, Black Eagle was the principal attraction. There were present on that occasion her Majesty the Queen, his Royal Highness the Prince of Consort, accompanied by the Princess Alice, the Princess Helena, the Princess Lousia, Prince Arthur, Prince Leopold, and the Prince of Leiningen, and attended by Lady Caroline Barrington, the Countess of Desart, the Hon. Miss Cavendish, Lord Bateman, the Hon. General Gay, and the Hon. Colonel Ponsby."

(all presumably dead now, ed)

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