Howes Brothers Photography

the "Howes Brothers" and their photographs. They are well regarded hereabouts and date back to the era of approximately 1885 to 1905 and number over 21000. There is a book (now out of circulation) which I believe that Nancy Howes of Dennis Historical can lead you to titled New England Reflections. Copies are in most libraries. The collection has been microfimed with copies in the Boston Public Library, The UMASS Library in Amherst, The Greenfield Community College Library in Greenfield and of course, the Ashfield, Mass. Historical Society where they are located in a fireproof. climate controlled vault. This is truly one of the most notable family accomplishments of recent years although the three brothers didn't realize it when they were in the "view business". I hesitate to go into much detail here since the Daily Hampshire Gazette of Northampton, Mass. is preparing a detailed article (I think} about the collection which is part of the 250th (guess) anniversary celebration of the town of Westhampton. I give talks on the "Howes Brothers" one of whom was my grandfather" and a "talk"/showing  is usually included in our reunions which are held periodically.  Cuz  Kimball Howes

THE HOWES BROTHERS - Many of you know that Alvah, Walter, and George Howes from 1882-1907(25 years)&nbsp;traveled from place to place in the Connecticut River Valley taking photographs. <STRONG><U>More than 20,000 </U></STRONG>of their black and white glass negatives still exist. In Hatfield, MA they photographed over one hundred houses with their owners standing outside. With the help of the Hatfield Historical Society, a dozen of the Howes Brothers glass negatives have come to print in a 1998 book, HOUSE, HOUSE" with text by Jane Yolen, an award winning children's author. A current Hatfield photographer, Jason Stemple, has photographed the same twelve houses. Some.... The text compares life and times in Hatfield 100 years ago to now. 'HOUSE, HOUSE' is a children's book available in the children's dept. of many public libraries.

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